Just for fun I fiddled around with Windows Moviemaker and created this short slideshow of ‘A Sy & Caity Adventure’. Also because we had too much fun making these pics and this is a nice way to save them, rather than uploading a 20 image story on Flickr or this blog!


A classic fairytale, one of my favourites when I was a lil Caity. Oh, I remember I had this wonderful book with fairytales, with glittery pages you could flip up to make them 3 dimensional! Gawd, I ruined it by looking and playing with it for hours and hours, while in my head I WAS a Princess…sigh…

This lovely machinima is made by Toxic Menges and shot in Second Life, really amazing!


A while ago I posted a machinima, movie made in Second Life, by Toxic Menges about the Water Horse. This morning, while browsing YouTube, I stumbled across a new movie made by Toxic: Little Red Riding Hood.

You really have to watch it…it’s absolutely amazing and funny too, but maybe not suitable as a bedtime story for kids..hehe!

I think I am becoming a fan of Toxic Menges! No wait…I AM a fan already!