Filming WAARHEID, a look behind the scenes

Earlier this week Huckleberry Hax (finally) announced the release date of his new movie ‘WAARHEID’, filmed in Second Life and the sequel to his first blockbuster STÖMOL.

So in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to the past two years….the answer is: busy acting and posing for this movie. We also spent a lot of time scouting regions, outfits, props, poses, and animations and had a casting call for actors. Good times!

In between all that I’ve of course also been to clubs, events, and exploring….but didn’t blog and also didn’t post a lot of pictures this year.
Besides shooting for WAARHEID I decided to take a blog hiatus for personal reasons I might blog about in another blog post.

That said…I did take a lot of photos while Huck was filming! For fun and to be able to give you an idea of how it looks for an actor on the job…Perhaps not as glamorous as one might think! Acting for a Second Life movie is a lot of standing around, walking miles and miles, and sitting on an animation for several evenings in a row!

While Huck is filming, he always makes all other avatars invisible – so for him, the world and set are how you see it in the movie. For me that is different. I see other people and usually do not use the same windlight Huck uses. One time when shooting a serious scene with Strawberry Singh and me, in Insilico, it happened that a visitor of the region popped up mid-scene and..well…see what Strawberry and I had to endure, while Huck was blissfully unaware…

Cute, right? He never said a word, he was just laying there while the scene was filmed without him…! By the way, he never responded to my IMs asking him to move on…in any other situation I would leave, but hey hoo…not now!

I’ve often said, and still believe, that there is no such thing as privacy in Second Life. For me, that is no problem. So naturally, things like those in the picture above happen.

In between actual filming, we were often busy looking for items, props, and animations on the Marketplace, while sitting in our costumes on a set. Or we were having a chat after shooting a scene, while Ruth, Hucks’s camera assistant, just stood there. I have gotten used to her presence, and authentic, or rather nostalgic looks, for other (younger) residents she may have been quite a shock. System hair, anyone?

And then there was a ‘romantic scene’, the recreation of the kiss from STÖMOL. While kissing can be delightful, a film kiss for a Second Life movie is something else. Huck being the perfectionist it was important we had our avatars lined up perfectly, something that never happens when you both just jump on some balls, right? So hurray for the plywood prim! I would be ‘sitting’ on those for sometimes 2 evenings, hours and hours while being brought in the right position.

The things we do for art!

Of course, Huck made the prim invisible for filming, but this is how our Rendez-Vous on exciting spots looked. Sorry to burst some romantic bubbles there!

I have tons of photos, and will post some more soon!

Have you seen the trailer yet? No? Here it is:

As said by Huck and I will just repeat it: expect more details to follow! In the meantime, you can catch up by watching STÖMOL here.



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  1. Angelus Van Engelen says:

    Oh sorry, that with the popped up visitor must have been terribly irritating, but the way you described it made me laugh my ass off. Also liked the description of the unglamorous life behind the camera. i’m incredibly curious about the movie. I loved the previous one and show it to friends who think they can’t make good films in SL. most are then very impressed!

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