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As written in my previous post, tomorrow Friday 24th June at 5PM SLT, both Katya and myself will be joining a panel discussion in The Auditorium at SL13B, to talk about SL Blogger Support and how our amazing group and site has been building a community of bloggers and is serving the general community by doing so.

We would really love to see lots of bloggers in the audience, to participate, of all topics: the fashion bloggers, the explorers, the art-lovers, the creators and designers, the ranters, the technical bloggers….all of you!

Sl13B - Meet SL Blogger Support - Blogpost

Though Katya and I were invited, we really want to make it clear us two are not the only ones behind SL Blogger Support. We have this awesome team with dedicated, enthusiastic members who all do their best to lend a hand and support and who put a lot of effort in keeping this group going.

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Yesterday at Noon SLT, the doors to the 17 sims of SL13B were opened to all and so the exploring can begin.
I’ve blogged about three mainstages yesterday, and today I finally had the time to explore the fourth DJ Stage: The Automaton.
A full sim build by the ever so talented steampunk artist and creator of Contraption, Walton F. Wainwright (faust.steamer) – and oh…my…god…is this some stage!

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Tomorrow, at 12:00 AM SLT,  the 17 SL13B sims will open and the celebration of Second Life’s 13th Birthday will begin! Prepare for a week of parties, exhibitions, experiences and discussions. There will be so much to see and do, a week always seems too short.

Today I SL13B was open for the Press and so I could have a look around, and take some pictures. As every year I checked out the huge stages first, as they never fail to impress – sim wide builds to party all the time.

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SL Blogger Support

This year Second Life celebrates its 13th Birthday – SL13B – and the sims with all the exhibitions and parties will open this coming Sunday 19 June. A week filled with events will keep us busy, and this year we –  SL Blogger Support, –  are extremely proud to be invited to participate in one of the popular panel discussions in the Auditorium.

What’s this all about?
A talk/discussion to demonstrate how the blogging community helps residents to find relevant information be it fashion, events, exploration etc. To talk about how the community support each other in endeavouring to share and disseminate information and to continuously improve itself.

SL Blogger Support on SL13B - II.pngWho?
The Panel:
Saffia Widdershins of Designing Worlds and Prim Perfect Publications
Kess Crystal of MadPea & The Glamour Sauce
Katya Valeska of SL Blogger Support, TLC & An Lar Poses
Caitlin Tobias of SL Blogger Support & Cait’s World

The audience…

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