SL13B – The Automaton and Dutchie

Yesterday at Noon SLT, the doors to the 17 sims of SL13B were opened to all and so the exploring can begin.
I’ve blogged about three mainstages yesterday, and today I finally had the time to explore the fourth DJ Stage: The Automaton.
A full sim build by the ever so talented steampunk artist and creator of Contraption, Walton F. Wainwright (faust.steamer) – and oh…my…god…is this some stage!

SL13B Blogpost: The Automaton - II

It is almost impossible to get this impressive building on a picture, as there are so many details and yet it is so huge! You really need to go see The Automaton, well better: you will want to party on it! (if you look very closely on the pic below – you will see a party going on!).

SL13B Blogpost: The Automaton
Last night, at the opening of SL13B, there was also an interview in the Auditorium, by Saffia Widdershins, with Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie. A bit tight in planning, so it started a tad later and probably due to this planning there was not a big crowd present, but it was a lovely interview and it is always awesome to hear designers speak with so much passion about their work and Second Life.

Froukje asked me to film some of the interview, so I did my best and here you go: a short impression of last nights ‘Meet the Designer’!

The Automaton
The Auditorium


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