SL13B – ‘The Shared Adventure’

Tomorrow, at 12:00 AM SLT,  the 17 SL13B sims will open and the celebration of Second Life’s 13th Birthday will begin! Prepare for a week of parties, exhibitions, experiences and discussions. There will be so much to see and do, a week always seems too short.

Today I SL13B was open for the Press and so I could have a look around, and take some pictures. As every year I checked out the huge stages first, as they never fail to impress – sim wide builds to party all the time.

Well and I checked out the Auditorium, where Designing World will have the panel discussions and interviews and where Katya and myself will be for a discussion on Bloggers and the community, see this blogpost for more details.

Sl13B - Blogpost !
The Auditorium

So the stages! I particularly love the Live Stage – a giant Turtle which uses ‘experiences’ to TP you to its inside, a desert like dome. Very cool and well made!

(preview) Sl13B - Dazzle - Live Stage - I
Sl13B - Dazzle - Live Stage - Blogpost

The DJ Stage is an enormous tree, with lush and fantasy forests on the ground surrounding it, I can imagine the great parties in there already.

(preview) Sl13B - Astonish -  DJ Tree stage - I

Sl13B - DJ Tree stage - Blogpost
Then there is the famous Cake Stage. More or less the same build as the past years, so not really a surprise, very nicely made nonetheless and it is always a bright, happy sight! (I’ve used a picture of the Cake Stage as featured image for this blogpost)

The coming days I will explore the exhibitions by residents, probably tour around by a pod – which is always a great way to not miss a thing!

Some links for you:

Official SL13B Website
The SL13B Destination Guide
SLurl to the Welcome Area – a great start for your exploring and it has the portals to the mainstages
SL13B Flickr Group

Happy Birthday Second life!



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