I <3 Diversity

One of the things I loved most when exploring SL8B and attending the events, was the diversity in Avatars and appearances…Furries, tinies, animals, robots, aliens and humans united in one virtual world!

SL8B – My last evening

Last night at the Main stage I did my last Volunteer/Greeter shift for this year’s Birthday Celebrations. Unfortunately my sound just would not work, so I never heard the performers..meh! A hilarious moment was when a new resident logged in and rezzed ON the main stage, completely in the nude and with his male attachment…

SL8B – Bear Island!

A must see and visit: Bear Island! It’s like a real museum , with  all Linden Bears  up for display, and many for sale for 0 L$ for collectors!  I always have a weak spot for the cute Mole Bears, too sweet looking :).  

SL8B – A Big Tiny Crowd @ the Main Stage…

Fridaynight…Main Stage, I was all dressed up and ready for my ‘greeter’ shift and was looking forward to some great performances! I was not disappointed, as it turned out that the singer was Songbird, from Raglan Shire – with her own tiny stage she rezzed on the huge podium. What a difference with the other…

SL8B – Main stage last night

Last night I was scheduled as volunteer (Greeter) at the Main stage, my first official shift – w00t! I have been to a lot of performances already and enjoyed all of them on the various stages, different styles and music, but what I saw on the Main stage last night was a new one for…

SL8B – DJ Stage 2

Oh oh…I am getting a bit behind in posting! Monday night I went out dancing at SL8B and ended up at the DJ Stage 2, where DJ Ranger Thymus was playing great tunes! I joined in a huddle-dance thing and next thing I know I was dancing all synchronized on Run DMC….w00t!

SL8B – Cake Stage & Stage Park

Wonderful relaxing…after a long day at the office, I flew around a bit on SL8B and listened to DJ Tabby’s tunes at the Cake Stage and afterwards scored a delicious hotdog in the Stage Park! Heh. It’s not easy to eat properly in SL, so forgive me for stuffing my face….!  

SL8B – Mad Hats!

The SL8B Greeters hand out a folder filled with lovely birthdaypresents, including 4 funny hats! There is more in the package, so if you did not get yours yet…just ask any Greeter and they will be happy to hand you a set! For now, I am showing you……the Mad Hats!