SL8B – My last evening

Last night at the Main stage I did my last Volunteer/Greeter shift for this year’s Birthday Celebrations. Unfortunately my sound just would not work, so I never heard the performers..meh! A hilarious moment was when a new resident logged in and rezzed ON the main stage, completely in the nude and with his male attachment proudly pointing at the audience…A quick IM to him and he  left, embarrassed and clueless on how he got there!

I am sure he sounded awesome...
Pallina60 Loon, hanging out above the audience

This morning I logged in briefly, before heading off to Real Life and went to one of my favourite places in SL8B, the Parkstages on Mesmerize, for some pics and a moment of reflection. I had a great time this week, enjoyed the performances & events and exploring the sims with mostly pretty impressive builds!

Am already looking forwards to next year :)!

Cooling down....aahhh!


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  1. Too funny, Cait! I always look forward to seeing what Pallina creates for the SLB exhibits, she is one awesome creator. Fun with shadows this year.

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