SL8B – A Big Tiny Crowd @ the Main Stage…

Fridaynight…Main Stage, I was all dressed up and ready for my ‘greeter’ shift and was looking forward to some great performances! I was not disappointed, as it turned out that the singer was Songbird, from Raglan Shire – with her own tiny stage she rezzed on the huge podium. What a difference with the other night, when Alazarin was there with his oversized podium!

Als amazing was Songbird’s entourage…I have never seen so many tinies in one place together,  cool! A very enthusiastic crowd, although I was afraid to step on them, so I hid a bit in the back…LOL!

Songbird on her tiny-stage
I felt....huge!
Very impressive tiny avatar!

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  1. Gotta love Song and friends.. big hint, never try to follow a tiny act until the Riverdance is done. ;-)

    1. Hiyas Argus!
      Haha, yeah…that riverdancing….LOL!
      Oh I see you and Farr on the pics :) I got some more of you two, from the earlier shows, will upload them on flickr this weekend :)).

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