Back to life

I needed to be in Real Life for some days. After a lousy week with flu and feeling awful, I spent a couple of days at my sister who took care of me. I needed that, really. She took me to a spa-resort, for sauna and a wonderful massage, cooked for me and let me sleep for hours and hours and hours…It was good! I feel so much better and alive again :).

Now I am back home and this morning my router died…Unfortunately I don’t have a long enough cable to plug the modem directly into my PC and oh joy: shops are closed here on Sunday…so I can get a new router tomorrow and cannot use my beloved PC today.
Yay for my second ISP and laptop, so I am on the sofa and happy to be online a bit on my maccie :). Second Life will have to wait a bit though, this (cheapo, it’s  free one I got with my phone and is handy for ISP is a weak connection and SL on Macbook will work, but not as I am used to.

So, some more Real Life for me then, the sun is shining…skies are blue, I might as well get on my bicycle and go get some fresh air!

(Oh, my posts from the last days..hehehe,  they just went online without me, WordPress has this cool feature: schedule posts to publish them automatically on a future date and time! It worked, yay!).


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