Kirstens S21 – Online social media ready!

It’s no secret I enjoy Second Life, using Kirstens S20 viewer. A nice TPV with all the features of LL’s Viewer 2, but with some extra’s (great skies for photography, radar up to 512 nearby, more options for buttons in bars, double-click to teleport etc).

Last night I installed a brand new one, a release candidate: The Kirstens S21. Oh my.. I love it already! It has everything the S20 had but also: the new, web-based profiles that are completely made ready for Online Social Media.

Another non-secret: I like online social media..not only for SL but it’s a professional love as well :). The new profile has buttons to interact with Facebook and Twitter and ‘like-button/share this-button’ on every page. The new profile is basically a microsite on which you can browse, and the pics can be zoomed in, so you can see them  better!

Yay, I am excited…and for those who are curious, here some screenshots of my profile ‘new style’ (or click here to go directly to my SL Online Profile):

My profile (inworld)
My profile (inworld), with enlarged pic
Pick from my profile, with 'like-buttons'!

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  1. Cait, the profiles also exist for folks just web browsing regardless of viewer. I love the new SL Online Profiles and spent a great deal of time this weekend tweaking mine.

    1. Hi Argus, looks good :) I think it’s an improvement and am still fiddling with mine, hehe!

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