A Piercing Heart – by Bert Jedburgh

Today I got a link to a machinima shot in Combat Samurai Island, the home of C:si (the combat system we use), made by Bert Jedburgh.It is a sort of love-story and pretty amazing, specially the soundtrack makes it great!

Although the actual fighting that is showed is not really impressive (it is kind of static, they don’t really move on the mat nor do they ‘block’ so they would be dead wayyyy sooner, besides…in the last duel the bad guy dies falling on his back, which is NOT the animation in his sword…you always die with your face on the floor!) I do like the general set up and the ‘story’.

Combat Samurai Island is worth a visit anyway, if you are fighter or not! Please take the almost 10 minutes to watch this movie..it’s lovely!

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