Romance in Waterhead

You gotta love n00bs, really..specially the polite ones!

[15:46] JakinoT: i want to f*ck u caitlin
[15:46] Caitlin Tobias: eh?
[15:46] Faye Velde: Cait is the lucky one!
[15:46] Caitlin Tobias: omg!
[15:46] belinda51 Unplugged: lol
[15:46] Mallory Cyberstar: BINGO
[15:47] Arawen Smythe: lol
[15:47] belinda51 Unplugged: lol
[15:47] Sky Shamen: she is teh chosen
[15:47] Raver Republic: why don’t I ever get lucky :'(
[15:47] JakinoT: will u have sex with me
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: you know what, Jakino?
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: go f*ck yourself
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: enjoy
[15:47] Arawen Smythe: wow Caitlin….how can you say no?
[15:47] belinda51 Unplugged: lol
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: easy
[15:47] Faye Velde: she said something more….
[15:47] Arawen Smythe: lol
[15:47] JakinoT: but i want to f*ck u
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: bugger off


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