Oh noes….what happened to my blog!?

Hehe. After having the same look and feel for almost a year, I suddenly felt the urge to change this blog. The time had come to make it look a bit more crisp and clean!

All components are still here, the links and stuff are moved to the footer, all posts still exist! Hope you like it!


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  1. Tem Haalan says:

    How cool is this new look….? Fits in with the whole new “Robot” Cait perfectly!

  2. Thanks guys, glad you like it :). And yeah, the old one was a bit cluttered, I guess that happened over time!
    I have not removed a lot though, but this seems to look more organised. I have to get used to it myself, I am not sure if I like the ‘previous articles’ – look as it is..but maybe it’s a matter of time to get familiar with it!

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