Hair Fair 2011: I love demo’s!

Ah yes, demo-hair. I love it. Can’t get enough of it! So the Hair Fair is really my ultimate playground and keeps me entertained for hours and hours. I found out the best time for me to visit is in my (CET) mornings – before noon – for less lag!

This morning I tried on several demo’s from SysD, .ploom, Baiastice and in the end I bought something from W&Y I really liked….sigh…Yes, I really NEEDED it!

I will go back this weekend, or tomorrow morning (yay for days off!), there is sooo much more hair to try  on!

And this is what I came home with..:


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  1. Venus Petrov says:

    Of those you tried on, that one is the best! I have not been to the fair yet but I received a ton of demos via the Hair Fair DEMO Group.

  2. It does look great .. I am thinking of getting one by L+N London Kicks Everyday because it is too darn cute and quirky.

    Maybe my Jinx will get it;-)

  3. Thanks ladies :)). I am afraid I am not done with the Fair yet…one more week to go and so many hair to try! OMG!

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