The ignore-option

Sometimes I wish I could use the ignore- or mute option in Real life. I tried to ignore a tooth-ache all weekend, it started Friday night and slightly got worse. The pills I take for the pain in my elbow also helped to ease the tooth-ache a bit. Anyway, Mondaymorning I woke up with the feeling as if my heart was beating IN my tooth. Not good!

Long story short: I had to go to an emergency Dental Practice, since my dentist is on a vacation, and they diagnosted a huge infection in my tooth (I got some compliments about the general state of my teeth, nothing was cavities and no broken fillings – so the infection was a case of bad luck) and they scheduled me for a Root Canal Treatment the same afternoon. It was painful, awful, stressful and worse than I ever imagined something like this would be.

I spent the rest of the day and evening in bed, with more pills – the afterpain of the treatment is supposed to get less in a couple of days – and I am feeling very sorry for myself and cannot bring myself up to go sit at my desk and be inworld…

So, here is a pretty picture to brighten up myself!


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  1. Gihn says:

    Ouch…that must be some real bad pain….. ~__~
    Get well soon !

    1. Thanks Gihn :) I am taking it easy for another day, all will be fine soon!

  2. Pep says:

    We must be sympatico: all over the weekend I had toothache, which my wife believes is because I had an abcess/infection, but I ascribe to my sinusitis, It’s gone and I just have my usual headache now, although I am being nagged to go and see a dentist.

    I hope you feel better – there is nothing worse than a pain you can do nothing about.

    Pep (As I am sure most of SC2 also believe.)

    1. Thanks Pep :)
      I am feeling a bit better today, thanks. A good night sleep on some pills did wonders and now I am only feeling the ‘afterpain’ as predicted, which is way less that the pain I had Sunday and Monday before the treatment!
      I actually had some hot coffee this morning and it did not hurt! yay!. Chewing on that side is still kind of impossible, so I stick to my yoghurt and had a soft bun over the other side (very elegant). I have had my moments of extreme self-pity, they are gone now too. haha!
      I should not complain really, this is the first time in my life I have had something like this, and considering my age (ahem, dentists words!) this is not bad at all….sheesh. Does this mean old age has arrived and I will be facing more of this misery? Ew!

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