Ready for a new week!

I have not been inworld much this weekend. Not because it is supposed to be summer, it’s been raining non-stop and I really had to drag myself to the supermarket to get the empty fridge filled, but mostly because the fracture in my right-elbow is bugging me and it hurts to use the mouse.

The only thing I did briefly inworld was taking some pics for fun and got Gihn to organise a mini-event for our members, to celebrate the upcoming 3rd anniversary of the ImperiuM! More about that soon on the ImperiuM Weblog.

For the rest….bad movies, painkillers, lot of popcorn and a bit of forum-banter, whilst Caity was parked on her porch :).



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  1. Pep says:

    I enjoyed your stripping the skin off those idiots in SC2. I’ll let you know next time I plan a “weekend away” in a guest forum.

    Pep (the incorrigible.)

    1. Haha, thanks ;).
      Oh another weekend like this would be fun. Not too soon though, I need some time to recover!

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