I am not sure ‘re-primming’is an actual word or verb, but it does describe what Ratt is doing at the moment on ImperiuM Island with all buildings…

Since Linden Lab recently upgraded the normal primsize from 10 meter to a maximum of 64 meters, we saw this as an excellent opportunity to ‘re-prim’ the Mainhall, the Sky Dojo and the Theatre Arena on ImperiuM Island! This means we will use less prims and we hope this will improve the performance of the sim a bit or I can rezz more decoration stuffs (heh – don’t tell Ratt I said that!).

Anyway, Ratt has been quite busy already – with the Mainhall and outerarea and so far he already made 141 prims available! Wow! And he only just started!

Ratt rezzed his first 64 meter prim!
Searching for the right textures
Oldskool 10 meter prims

Outer area

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