Humble in Gizza Creations

A couple of nights ago I was picking up free groupgifts at Gizza Creations, which I recently found out they have…I am a bit slow on the freebie-front, usually I am not really interested in them. Gizza however has some wonderful outfits, monthly for members and they are all available close to the landing point!

I picked some nice ones and meanwhile I was chatting with Humble, a lovely girl I met some months ago. Then I got an idea! I never use models for my ‘fashion-items’ but for these Gizza outfits I asked Humble to pose for me. A nice change for the pics – instead of staring at myself again –  and she was in for an hour of playing topmodel as well!
So I got her to Gizza, she picked up some outfits of her choice and then we went to Ange’s DIY Photostudio, a place I use a lot for making photo’s as they have a nice choice of poses, props and backgrounds.

The result is these three pics of the gorgeous Humble, showing some fabulous (did I mention: free!?) outfits. She has been very patient while I was fiddling with camera/settings and the poses! Thanks girly :).

"Lines Attract" - complete with boots and bodywarmer AND a miniskirt version!
September gift, a Zebra gown - comes with Boa :)
Valentines Day 2011 - including pink hearthair from Vanity Hair!

Humble’s red hair is from Exile and her skin is from Pink Fuel.

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