A thousand lives

“Goodbyes, they often come in waves.”
― Jarod Kintz



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  1. This really hit home today for me…..:) I have also found with every goodbye there is a new hello..Not necessarily from the same person who uttered a ‘goodbye’. Like a train station with many trains and many stops..from time to time..the stops let me us..let go of things.family members, friends, possessions and even dreams. But in every loss there is gain.. and I mean in EVERY loss there is gain.
    One day even the closest people in your life will depart and you won’t be able to do anything to keep them.. but even with such bitter loss and final goodbye, there is a ‘hello’ on its way. That hello is not defined.. you have to observe. If you drawn in your sadness over your recent goodbye, you will miss the new chances of hellos’.. pay attention and move on as soon as you’re ready or the train will leave you behind. And there’s only one train, and it heads forward and never backward. Life doesn’t look back, it always goes forward and you have to keep up.The first hello is from within.. then the outer controls the outcome and you begin to hear other hello’s.
    Thank you Caitlin once again you have reminded me of how beautiful all in life is..even the act of letting go….

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