The Hair Fair 2013, is made of lego!

This morning the 4 sims of the Hair Fair 2013 were open for bloggers, and naturally  I could not wait to go and see! If not so much for the hair at this moment, but what it would look like this year!

To my delight I landed in a world of HUGE lego’s! Colourful, giant lego’s allover. The shops, the roads…everything! What a pleasant surprise! Even if you do not like hair (duh, do those people exist in SL?) you should go have a look :).

The Hair Fair opens its doors to the public tomorrow, more information and slurl’s to all stores you can find in my earlier blogpost. Of course I will blog some hair later this week, for now….I just enjoy the LEGO!

Hair Fair_2013_001

Hair Fair_2013_002

Hair Fair_2013_003


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