3 Simple tricks on ‘How to get rid of your readers and followers’

A must read for all of you who are tired of blogging!

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So you have a blog, be it about fashion, locations, news or adventures or what else you write about and with such a thing comes: readers.
You know, the people who look up what you write and at your pictures and they keep coming back for more….!
In this post I will give you three simple tips on how you can get rid of those readers, and followers, and with a bit of luck you will soon be free from them, including on other social media platforms you may use – like Plurk, Facebook and Twitter.

Ahh yessss, the peace and quiet you will soon experience, it will be heaven!

followers Bring it on!

#1. Spam, spam, spam. Lather, rinse, repeat

A sure way to chase away readers and followers is to spam your blog-post like there is no tomorrow! It works perfect to start with all your in-world groups, no…

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