Paleo Quest – How I got eaten by a plant and killed by spiders…

A few weeks ago Linden Lab launched their new interactive game Paleo Quest in Second Life and today I finally got in the right mood for some old fashioned exploring and asked my friend Pepys to join me in this adventure. Because I am 1) not good in games/quests and 2) these things are always so much more fun when you do it with a friend!

Needless to say, we first spent some time to get properly outfitted for the occasion, very important!, and got all geared up for a day in the jungle, unaware of the dangers that were to come….

Paleo Quest, here we come!
Paleo Quest, here we come!

Paleo Quest is accessible via the Portal Park, which was the easy part! Once through the portal we found ourselves in a huge welcome/visitors building, where we found the notecards and a youtube video with instructions and the background story. We took the time to read and watch and practiced our jumping and running skills while we were at it.

Paleo Quest - So far it all goes well...
@ The Portal Park

When we felt confident enough, we took the monorail and entered the park. It felt as if we were in Jurassic Park, the music made it even more so – and because we apparently didnt read very well…we jumped off the train at Quest 3, instead of starting at Quest 1…but oh well!

Paleo Quest uses the Experience tools, so you are equipped with a HUD and that gives you text-messages and also some spoken instructions. Quest 3, where we started..ahem, is all about finding a key, to a chest that is hidden in a pirate ship. Just find the key, go to the chest and done.

Paleo Quest - Looking for the key to the chest
Uhm, is that a meat eating Dinosaur in that cave?
Paleo Quest - Uh oh....
Why yes…it is!

Hahahaha. If it were only that simple. You have to survive cannonballs,poiseonous spiders, quicksand,carnivourous plants and whatnot. Of course I died a thousand horrible deaths, and still no key, but Pepys had a lot of fun watching me jumping to my own death…. When you die, you are sent to the nearest resurrection portal, so it is not really a big deal – you just need to run/walk all the way to the last point again – trying to avoid the dinosaurs and other nasty beasts.

We had great fun, really, even though we lacked the time to complete this one, so we will have to go back! Oh and you can win prizes and Linden Dollars, but for us that wasn’t the main goal, we just had a great time in a wonderful jungle!

Paleo Quest - V!


[06:03] Sand Pit: Agggh! You’re stuck in deep sand. There’s no escape.
[06:03] PaleoQuest HUD: You have just been killed by a nest of poisonous spiders! Try again!
[06:03] Sand Pit: Agggh! You’re stuck in deep sand. There’s no escape.
[06:06] PaleoQuest HUD: You have just been killed by a stray cannonball Try again!
[06:08] PaleoQuest HUD: You fell and died… Aaargh! Try again!
[06:09] LDPW PQ2015 Security Pteranodon: You are suspected of using a speed enhancer or you have been immobile for too long! *
Either way, I am teleporting you to the nearest Resurrection Circle, but not eating your collectible items this time
[06:23] Mud Puddle: Agggh! You’re stuck in deep mud. There’s no escape.
[06:23] PaleoQuest HUD: You have just been killed by a nest of poisonous spiders! Try again!
[06:28] PaleoQuest HUD: You have just been killed by a carnivorous plant! Try again!
[06:33] PaleoQuest HUD: You have been killed by falling into the toxic water! Try again!

 * No, I wasn’t using a speed enhancer, I was standing still while zooming around and taking pictures for too long….:P

Paleo Quest - Pepys
Pepys waiting patiently for my return after an unfortunate death…again…and again…



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Chances of getting killed by a stray cannonball? This sounds like a game for me! :p

    1. Haha, gawd those cannonballs…took me 4 deaths to figure it out :P

  2. eddihaskell says:

    At least you made it past the first stop Cait! I got killed by poison darts 15 times at the first stop, the Egyptian Temple and gave up!

    1. Oooh, but that is only because we forgot to get off the train, and so we started at Quest 3…..We need to go again and do it in the proper order, ahem!

  3. She was using speed? mmm, mmm, mmm. This sounds like fun and I so want to go lol!

  4. Kerena says:

    Sounds like great fun!

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