‘Excuse the mess, but I live here’

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The title of this article is a quote by Roseanne Barr, and while it may sound legit and it may even make sense, it most certainly does not when it comes to your blog.

What am I talking about?
The past weeks I have seen a lot of blogs. A. Lot. While going through the backlog of applications we had for our group. One of the things we check is, well doh, the blogs. Now I am not going point out and smack blogs or people, but it reminded me it was time I needed to check my own blog, and clean it up.

Dead links
In the past years I have written posts on why it is important to take some time, preferably every 6 months, to go through you own blog and check if all the links, information on pages are still up to date. Nothing annoys visitor…

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