‘Inked’ is a photo exhibition by Elizabeth Nantes, in Art Gallery Dathuil. It opened last night and while I usually not particularly like photo’s on display in Second Life (I prefer to  enjoy them on Flickr, where I can see them in high resolution and on a big screen) ‘Inked’ is certainly worth a visit.

Inked - III

The venue, Dathuil, adds to the ambiance – being it a former distillery and has this wonderful industrial ‘less is more’ feel, making the artwork look even more wonderful than they already are.

Inked - I

Inked is all about tattoos and Elizabeth’s work is stunning. The exhibition runs till 30 July, so you have plenty of time to go and see it for yourself!

Inked - II


Inked @ Dathuil
For more images by fellow bloggers and visitors be sure to check out the Dathuil Flickr group!


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  1. lucydiam0nd says:

    Lovely post Cait! Thank you for the visit :)

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