The Plain of Jars

Fitch Lekvoda’s “The Plain of Jars” is…well, that. A plain of jars. Giants jars. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Some half covered in the sand, others standing in the sun. And nobody really knows where they came from or what they mean.

The Plain of Jars - II - Blogpost

“Some now recall the legend of the giant King’s victory banquet. Believing the jars to be the leftover alcohol vessels from that banquet.  Others think of a more mundane purpose, to collect rain water for passing caravans….”

The Plain of Jars - I - Blogpost

A very interesting place, quite something else and that is what I love about it! The Plain of Jars is impressive and wonderful to walk around and let your imagination go.

The Plain of Jars - IV - Blogpost
Showing how huge they are!

Some places, like this one..need no explanation…just go see it and enjoy! And if you take pictures, do not forget to add them to the Plain of Jars Flickrgroup!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fitch Lekvoda says:

    1029 jars to be exact!

    1. Ooh wow…well you made a fantastic place :)

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