Being an elf in Second Life, I always have a weak spot for magical and whimsical places, so when my friend Zephira (Gidgette.Adagio) told me about her sim – her first ever – and seeing some of the wonderful images on Flickr, I knew I would love it!

Hobbiton, is a great photogenic place, described by Zephira as:

“Hobbiton is reminiscent of the Tolkien tales. A sim to relax and enjoy! Lighthearted and fun roleplay, but not required”.

I’ve spend a whole afternoon enjoying the scenery and all the wonderfully decorated spots, and decided to do a machinima instead of photos!

Slurl to Hobbiton
Hobbiton Flickr Group


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  1. Gidge Adagio says:

    I love seeing Hobbiton through the eyes of those who visit. Your video brought happy tears to my eyes. Absolutely, took my breath away!! Thank you.

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