3 Flickr Photo Contests you should enter!

Do you need inspiration for a picture or blogpost? Entering a Flickr Photo Contest can be a great way to spice up your creativity and may even get you do do something outside of your comfort-zone, with sometimes a surprising result!
And as a bonus there may even be the chance to win something, be it a cash prize in LS or some cool products and your work featured in an artgallery or used as promotion material for a sim or store.

Every now and then I enter a contest, just for the fun of it and because it gives me great ideas for pictures. Winning a prize has not happened to me often (in all my SL years I think I have won twice) and it is never the reason to join one.
Knowing many excellent SL Artists join these contest, whose works are way out of my league, has never stopped me from participating and should not keep you either. In fact, it inspires me.

And there is another nice side-effect on joining contests: you will get more exposure on your photos, contests groups are always good for many views and are great to find new people to follow, so you will get yourself in the picture as well!

Currently there are 3 Flickr photo contests you should consider entering, if not for the possibility to win, then at least because they are plain fun!

The only advice I am going to give you is: read the contest rules carefully and abide to them. Contest organisers put a lot of effort and work in these contests and it makes it easier for them, and thus more fun for them too, if you follow the instructions. They are usually simple: use the proper name and tags as given ( e.g.  ‘Funny Flickr Contest – Caitlin Tobias’  and not : ‘LOTD #3467’) and make sure you follow rules as ‘no nudity’, ‘pics must be taken at xxx sim’ and if you are allowed one entry, don’t add 3 to the group.

Here are three great contests for you:

The ^^Swallow^^ Ears Contest

^^Swallow^^ Ears Contest: L$ 80.000

Organised by ^^Swallow^^ this contest, obviously, features their ears and to enter you need to own a pair of their ears. Lovely ears, if I may say so. You are allowed to enter 3 photos and the prizes one can win are extremely generous:

• 1st Place – L$ 50.000
• 2nd Place – L$ 20.000
• 3rd Place – L$ 10.000

Contest starts on March 20th and Closes on April 15th 2018 – so still plenty of time to go ahead and make that pic!

Dox – Spring – Photo – Contest

Dox - Spring - Photo - Contest

A contest organised by Paradox Ivory, owner of the lovely DoX sim – on which you will find a motel, nature and the DoX Art gallery. Theme of this photo contest is ‘Virtual Vacation’ and all pictures must be taken at the DoX sim.
A fun theme and the prizes are wonderful too:
1st – 2500 lindens
2nd – 1500 lindens
3rd – 1000 lindens

Bonus: the winners and a few of the entries will be selected and displayed in the Gallery for a future Exhibition,  titled – Virtual Vacation!

Go on that virtual vacation and submit  your pics, the contest runs from March 20th until April 20th , winners will be announced on Sunday April 22!

Bottomless in SecondLife (adult) *

Fight me (Bottomless Contest) 1

*Due to the restricted images it is not possible to embed photos via Flickr for this contest in my blogpost, hence this cropped version my own entry.

Yes, you read that right, no pants, panties, shorts or whatever allowed on pics in the ‘Bottomless in SecondLife photo contest’. A contest for fun, not attached to a location, store or product but with a specific adult theme, organised by Sparklebottom Lasertits.

The contest runs from now – April 20, 2018 and Sparklebottom will give the following prizes:

3,000L – 1st place
2,000L – 2nd place
1,000L = 3rd place

Do you dare to take off your pants and enter this contest? Of course you do!

Have fun taking pictures and good luck!




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  1. emberadored says:

    Great post lovely and gotta say’Sparklebottom Lasertits.’ has me smiling so hard! I love this person already!

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