Berry’s meme for this week is all about Movie Posters, a theme she had done last year (which I don’t think I participated in) and a very cool one to do!

Of course I want to show off that I am a fan of really intelligent, difficult,  movies. Ya know Oscar material and nothing less….so after some binge-googling I found the perfect one for me and I think I  nailed it!

Life with Pies - Monday Meme

You can find all the information on this Challenge in Berry’s blogpost, and don’t forget to look at the comments in which you soon will find links to others as well!

Even an experienced, ahem, explorer like me makes the occasional mistake – but you have to live and learn, right?
It started this weekend when I read a plurk from Froukje, who was excited about a new (adult) sim, named Days of O. Naturally I went to see it, if only to get a LM for a later visit as I was a bit in a hurry. Upon landingpoint I accepted a notecard with rules (commandments) and after a quick read (the big mistake people: a quick read and skipping important information, ack!) and walked over the bridge to have a look.
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It has been a while since I tried to produce an SL machinima, but yesterday I felt in the mood and wanted to do a blogpost with a video. And what better topic than Rebeca Bashly’s art installation on Split Screen, ‘Chronophobia’.

I always love Rebeca’s work and this piece is no exception, though it may be a little eerie and sombre, not quite the spring and Happy Easter feeling, but hey hoo!

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Yesterday MadPea launched their new (free to play!) game in Secondlife, a collaboration with Firestorm for their new Community Gateway Project: The Ghost Town.  The gateway and game, are catering to new residents – helping them in learning how to use Second Life and hopefully make them interested enough to stay!
Luckily, The Ghost Town is not exclusively for new residents: everyone can play and win the prizes!

I’ve always enjoyed MadPea’s games and surely I will give this new hunt/game a full try soon, today I have visited it to look around and make some pictures – it is, as expected from MadPea – very photogenic!

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It was a warm, slow, summer evening and Coobs and Caity went for a nice walk in a quiet and peaceful Vineyard, on a sim far away. They chatted and occasionally had some silent moments, enjoying the environment and letting the busy day behind them.

Coobs suddenly stopped. ‘I hear something’ he whispered  ‘be quiet!’,  while he pushed Caity behind him and drew his sword and shield.
Caity got her sword, the vicious and sharp ‘mean butterknife’ as it was called, and well..stepped away to let Coobs check out what that scary sound behind the bushes was.

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