The Fantasy Faire Hope House in Ardessa

Last night at the Fantasy Faire , we witnessed the appearing of a virtual Hope Lodge, during a party in Ardessa!

Fantasy Faire 2021

Last night a very special party took place in Ardessa! While the lovely DJ Nuala was playing awesome tunes for the enthusiastic crowd, behind her something amazing was happening…

On top of the rocks in (the beautiful land of ) Ardessa a Fantasy Hope House appeared a true virtual Hope Hostel.

Ardessa - I

For every 500 L$ donated at the RFL Kiosk near the DJ Stage, pieces of the house were placed by Lauren Thibaud and so we witnessed the building of the Fantasy Faire Hope House – a visual reminder of what the Fantasy Faire’s funds this year are for: the building of the real Hope Hostelin Nairobi, Kenya!

I’ve tried to capture the building of the house:

Though today is the last day of the Faire, you still have till 7 may to go have a look (and donate if you wish)! The official events will end…

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