The Apothecary

After three (almost four) intense, but amazing, weeks of The Fantasy Faire I took a sort of break from exploring in Second Life. That is not new, I need this every year after the Faire – to get back to earth and unwind a bit. I still have not posted all my pictures of the Fairelands, so I will occasionally drop one on Flickr!

Last night, after watching the Eurovision Song Contest – which left me in a disappointed mood, I felt like going to a nice, quiet place in Second Life. The other week I had been to a lovely, new to me, place: The Apothecary and it was still on my list of places to go to for some more.

A Forest

The Apothecary, by Harlow Heslop, is beautifully landscaped and decorated with lush forests and very detailed, but intimate, meadows and lots of spots to hangout and chill. While I usually explore by myself, last night my friend Huckleberry Hax joined me and together we wandered around, taking lots of pictures, both happy with this great photogenic environment!

The Apothecary
The Apothecary – by Huckleberry Hax (on Flickr)

The sim is public access, but 18+ due to the adult nature of some of the furniture/items throughout the sim. The group is 175 L$ to join (optional). This group gives you access to rezz rights, notices about occasional events/DJ’s and sim news.

The Apothecary - III - A blogpost

The Apothecary is a joy for SL Photographers and I recommend a visit (or more) if you are into nature and landscaping for images and if you do, do not forget to upload your images to The Apothecary Flickr group!

The Apothecary - II - A Blogpost


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  1. Starr says:

    this look absolutely gorgeous ~ will go visit ~ thank you for sharing your great blog ♥

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