SL16B: The Auditorium on Dazzle – there be Lindens…

To start with something different than the blogtitle: there is a fun challenge for everyone visiting the SL16B celebrations!

It’s easy, so there is no reason to not participate: all you have to do is go to the SL16B Welcome Area, pick up the Party hat, lanyard and flag and take a festive picture of you wearing the hat!
Share your pics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram using the hashtags #SL16B and #SecondLifeChallenge and ofcourse submit your pic to the Official Flickr pools for Second Life Official and Second Life Challenge – Official using the hashtags #SL16B and #SecondLifeChallenge!

More information can be found here!

Since I went exploring the Auditorium on the Dazzle region, I’ve taken my SL16B challenge picture just there on the sidewalk:

There is cake, you said?!

The Auditorium is a lovely, retro build and on the inside it looks way bigger than you would expect.

SL16B - Auditorium Dazzle - I

Filled with chairs and a podium, where…there will be Lindens!
The ‘meet the Lindens’ posters with dates are allover the Auditorium, but you can also find them on the official event calendar.

SL16B - Auditorium Dazzle - III SL16B - Auditorium Dazzle - II

I know I will try to attend a few (or all…) of the “Meet the Lindens” events, so maybe see you there!

Have fun!

SL16B - Auditorium Dazzle - IV


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