2019: Exploring, Parties, Fantasy Faire and Stömol!

Two days left of this decade! And as it goes, there are a lot of shows on television looking back at 2019 – so I got some inspiration to look back at my 2019 too!

I have not been that active in blogging, not at all even…but that doesn’t mean I have not been in Second Life. In fact, I have had quite the busy year!

All good stuff! I’ve explored, but not always published photos of my virtual travels and there have been many parties and events. And there was – and still is – Stömol, more about that later…!

The event that stood out for me in 2019 was (of course) The Fantasy Faire, for which I was asked again to take photos for the official website, and this year also for some posters. Good times…and I am already looking forward to 2020’s edition of this amazing happening!

FF 2019 - The Celestial Plain - I

FF 2019 - LitFest Tours, daily at 5PM slt

And oh…the parties this year…..so many! In clubs and during events…but also in my best friend Huck’s ‘The Nancy Redgrave Building’.  In June we organised a Booklaunch 70s Poolparty, to celebrate Huck’s new book ‘The Avatar Dining Club’ and just a few weeks ago we had our second annual 70s Office Xmas Party in the boardroom of the office.

Book Launch and Pool Party  -  Huck
Booklaunch 70s style
The 70s Office Xmas Party - III
The 70s Office Xmas Party 2019

Thinking about those parties still makes me smile!

And, as I mentioned, there was Stömol!
Stömol is a project by Huckleberry Hax, a full-blown science fiction movie  – all filmed in Second Life. Huck has already announced this movie will air in 2020, a date has not been set yet.

I am honoured to be a part of that project and have spent many, many…many! nights in Second Life acting for the movie. I’ve learned a lot, about machinima, poses, animations, searching for props on the Marketplace and generally being creative with the tools we have (and lack) in Second Life to help bring scenes to life in the way Huck envisioned it.
Acting in Second Life sounds fun and yeah, it is!
But I can also let you in on a secret: it often involved me – or the other actors – sitting (or hanging, lying, standing, dancing, driving) in a particular pose or animation for hours. Yes, hours. While Huck was finding the right angles and filming.

Stömol - Backstage III - A Blogpost

And in between scenes there was a lot of waiting – while Director Huck checked whether the shots were good enough. If not, we started over again. And again.

Stömol - Backstage - II - a Blogpost
In between scenes
Stömol - backstage - A Blogpost
Union Break

I am excited to go into the last phases of the movie – now the actual filming is as good as done – a scene or two to go. Then the editing will begin, but we already know the movie will be an hour long (or perhaps a bit longer).

Preview poster sept 2019

Good fun, and I am so proud already. Of course we will keep you posted on the movie and the release date – and some other fun facts about the process here on my blog, Huck’s blog and soon on social media!

Much to look forward to for 2020, I am ready for it!

Happy NewYear!


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