Auld Lang Syne – Isles of Scotland

Are you in the mood for some SL Traveling? I know I am!

One of my current favourite destinations to explore and admire is Auld Lang Syne, Isles of Scotland.
Created by Elo Moon (eloiseblake), the Isles of Scotland is a beautiful place, or as she says in the land information:

Remote, rustic and occasionally peaceful. Visit the paths of auld and give a respectful nod to those long departed. Parts of Shetland, Orkney, and the Hebride.

Islea of Scotland - III - Blogpost

So, why wait…just go there and enjoy the many gorgeous views, wildlife, cute buildings and nature, when walking down the paths and enjoy. It will not disappoint. Promise!

Isles of Scotland - II - Blogpost

If you are into Second Life photography and need props to rezz, that is possible. Just join the land group for L$10 and you can rezz you items for a photoshoot! Do keep your clothes on though, the sim rating is General.

SLurl here!

Isles of Scotland - I - Blogpost


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  1. Bejay Mefusula says:

    Such a pretty place, and quite true to reality.. ♥

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