Introducing my guest blogger: Nicoli Batista!

I am proud and honoured to introduce to you one of my oldest and best friends in Second Life, Nicoli Batista, who will be writing her columns on my blog!

Nicoli, which is an alias for privacy reasons, is one of the most down to earth and empathic persons I know in Second Life. She is always there for everyone who needs a chat, a shoulder to cry on or just a stiff drink. I’ve never met someone so drama-free as her, and because of that I have asked her to join Caits World with a new column: ‘Dear Nico’.

In her many, many years in Second Life, she helped others with getting dressed, finding the right body and body-parts, and also the right Second Life attitude. She is always ready and willing to advise residents of all species when it comes to the relationships department. The fact she has been officially partnered about 38 times, we have stopped counting after a while, makes her an expert in all the aspects and worries one may have when getting into a Second Life relationship. Or getting out of one, for that matter.

The times she has given Second Life residents some food for thought to sort out an issue with a nasty neighbour, a creepy coworker or a friendship gone sour are countless. 

Nicoli Batista

This is why I have asked her to start a column in which she will advise to readers who may have questions or worries concerning relationships in all forms, manners, SL Etiquette or style dilemmas. I am delighted she said yes!

Right now she is working on her first column, to be published soon. Which reminds me I have to send her some reminders about that.
Anyway, you are welcome to ask her for advice, you can either leave a notecard inworld to me (as her agent): Caitlin Tobias, or simply use the contact form in this blog so I can forward your email to Nicoli!
Every 2 weeks Nicoli will pick one letter to answer in her column.

Needless to say, your information will be handled with care and privacy and no Second Life (or Real Life) names will be published.
Letters may be edited for this reason and may also be edited to fit the blog-style. Anonymous letters are encouraged! 

Be sure she will be honest, kind and empathic and give you something to think about so you can make the right decision in whatever it is that is bothering you.

I am looking forward to her posts and hope you do too!


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