Dear Nico – ‘Unbetrayed’

Hello dear readers!

First of all I wish to express my gratitude to Caitlin for giving me a platform for my column and therefore being able to help the many Second Life residents who are struggling with burning questions concerning relationships, manners and style! 

In my Second Life I have dealt with almost every drama one can imagine, so you can call me an expert. I hope you find it useful and helpful to read other peoples problems and of course my sound advice.
The first letter I will answer is one with an issue I am sure many of you can relate to.

Dear Nico,

Three weeks ago I met a wonderful and sweet man, and last weekend we finally officially partnered. He told me I am the love of his Second Life and he has never met a girl like me. Naturally I felt flattered and saw no reason to not SL-marry him.  Our honeymoon weekend was pure bliss, so far so good, right?
The problem is: he does not seem to cheat on me! 
My BFF's have all been cheated on for at least 2 or 3 times and by now I am starting to feel left out. I cannot relate to their conversations about how awful men are and I am afraid I am losing my group of awesome friends soon, if my relationship keeps on going like it does. 
I even made an alt last night, to spy on him. I went to our Linden Home and there he was. Sitting in the living room, watching pics of us on our new TV. So I knocked on the door, introduced myself as a new neighbour and tried to get his attention. He was polite, but didn’t ask me in. I asked him out for a dance to a new club, but he pointed me to his profile to show me he is partnered and then he went on and on about how amazing his wife was and how devoted he is to her. He wished me a good night and left me standing on the porch.
Nico, I am desperate, I can’t be left uncheated and unbetrayed. My friends will make fun of me and mock me. Please, what should I do?

Miss Unbetrayed

Dear Miss Unbetrayed,

Clearly you did a poor job with the alt. Seriously, did you put any effort in her at all?! We all know men are easy to seduce, it makes me wonder what you created.
Secondly. Girl. Why on earth are you with a dude so boring as him?  Sitting in the living room watching pics of you two, when you are offline? Really. What kind of a man does that?

But I understand your problem regarding your friends,  so here is what you should do:

Accuse him of cheating. No matter if it is true. Unpartner him and tell your friends he has been unfaithful to you. They will understand and take you on some cool girl nights out, they will love you! To make sure other people you meet get the situation right, it is important you put a sad photo of yourself in your profile,accompanied by a passive aggressive quote. You know the  ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’ stuff. Just Google some suitable quotes or look at Pinterest! Or do as most girls do: copy/paste one from any random female avatars profile. That always works to get some more drama loving friends and what’s more important, you will attract a guy that will actually cheats on you in no time!

Good luck and be well,

PS do you need advice concerning your Second Life relationship, etiquette, manners or style? Send me a letter via the contactform or drop a notecard inworld to my agent Caitlin Tobias and perhaps your issue will be published and solved!

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