The Handmaiden Estate

While my country is in lockdown and now also has a curfew till at least 9 february, it’s a good thing we are able to travel the world in Second Life. I’ve done this for the past 13 years anyway, so in all fairness I do not feel all that much different with all the restrictions we have, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Handmaiden Estate - II  - blogpost

Earlier this week I visited The Handmaiden Estate (Adult) and had a good look around.
A beautiful Japanese themed region with gardens and bath houses, and according to the land information ‘a sensual place where you can find both lust and relaxation‘. Also good to know is that photographers are welcome!

Handmaiden Estate - III  - blogpost

So, whether you are looking for lust of relaxation or simply want to explore and take pretty pictures, this is a destination that has it all! I’ve not seen many people roaming around when I was exploring, but that didn’t bother me, I just combined the relaxation with Second Life photography. And who knows, perhaps one day I will go back for some lust. The massage room looks very inviting!

Handmaiden Estate - IV  - blogpost

I also shot a mini video clip, of a secluded spot I really enjoyed:

Slurl to The Handmaiden Estate

Handmaiden Estate - I  - blogpost

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