Dear Nico – ‘A Valentine’s dilemma’

Hello dear readers!

With Valentine’s day around the corner, I am getting a lot of questions about how to surprise a loved one on this romantic day. And I get it. After all in Second Life shopping is a hobby many can afford and this makes it not an easy task to find that perfect gift. So the issue is all too often: what to get for someone who spends their virtual life shopping and buying stuff they probably never really use anyway, and often do not even bother to unpack!

So in this column I will answer a letter I received, about hobbies, Valentine’s day and the struggle of finding the right and appropriate gift!

Dear Nico, 'A Valentine's Dilemma' - New column by Nicoli Batista
Dear Nico,

Last Christmas I met a wonderful girl at a party in a club. We clicked and we have been happy ever since. We even set a date for our Second Life wedding, in a gorgeous wedding region complete with mesh doves, a wedding cake, a reception and a party. But that is not why I am writing to you.
A few weeks ago, my fiance suggested we should also meet other people and allow ourselves to explore Second Life individually besides us being together. I totally agreed, of course, and we have been going our own ways for a few nights per week. I have found an interesting book club and have had many enjoyable evenings chatting to other book-lovers and am even asked to do a reading next month! Besides that I have joined a chess club. I always wanted to learn chess and it turned out I am not that bad at playing! But enough about me.

My fiance found hobbies too. She took on a job at a farm as a ‘pony girl’. She loves animals and horses so that wasn’t a surprise to me. She really loves going there and working, though her costumes seem a bit odd for farm work. Why would a farm-help need to wear an actual ponytail and bridle? But what do I know? I am a city boy! 
Her other interest turns out to be swinging. I guess a nostalgic thing. I have fond memories myself of the swing we had in our backyard when I was a young boy.
My fiance frequents a Swingers club - members only- , and it must be pretty intense swinging because she returns home totally exhausted and not in the mood for anything. On those swing nights she usually just says goodnight and logs off. Or not even says goodnight and logs off without a word. 

I am happy she has found joy in her new activities and I think it is important for our relationship.
Now the question I have for you, dear Nico, I need your advice on the following.
Valentine’s Day is coming and I am not the world's greatest shopper. I want to surprise my fiance with something she really likes and something that shows I support her interests. And preferably something romantic.
I was thinking of taking building classes and building a swing for our garden, or perhaps a horse for her to take care of on our own land. 
Or do you think I should go for the safe chocolate and sexy lingerie?

Looking forward to your advice!
Romantic Bookworm

Dear Romantic Bookworm,

Oh dear. 
It doesn’t happen often, but I almost got speechless reading your letter. Almost.
Boy, are you in for some surprises. Seriously, are you dense? Have you been living under a rock? 
On second thought. Yes, you probably are and have, so my advice is short.

No, you should not build a swing or get her a horse. 

What you need to do is Google ‘swingers’ and ‘pony-girls’ or better: get your nose out of your virtual books and chessboard and explore your fiance’s hobbies in Second Life without telling her.
Be assured it will help you with the best gift idea. 

Happy Valentine and be well,


PS: Chocolate is always good, so is lingerie. Or get both!

Do you need advice concerning your Second Life relationship, etiquette, manners or style? Send me a letter via the contactform or drop a notecard inworld to my agent Caitlin Tobias and perhaps your issue will be published and solved!


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