Golgothica, time to Elf up again!

I’ve spent so much time in all kinds of clubs and sims, that I almost forgot I’m an Elf! Not really, of course I know what I am. But yeah, it was time for some serious Elfing around and so I headed to Hera’s new sim: Golgothica.
Hera (zee9.resident) is world-famous in Second Life for her many Drune regions, which are awesome cyberpunk cities. But Golgothica is something else!

GolGothica - IV - Blogpost

As the name says, it’s a gothic-like place, according to the information note-card:

Golgothica is a Medieval Gothic, Fantasy Free form story telling sim,
based upon classic Fantasy books and games like
Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones Dungeons and Dragons Folktales Victorian Gothic even etc.

Golgothica is for role-play and upon arrival you are supposed to dress to theme. A broad theme, as described above, and since I am an Elf I didn’t find it to hard to find an appropriate outfit for exploring.

GolGothica - III - Blogpost

If you are into fantasy role-play, you should dive into the Golgothica stories (you will find links to those in the information/welcome notecard)!

Because I do love fantasy in Second Life, but am not a role-player I just walked around, enjoying the scenery and the buildings. And I took loads of pics, Golgothica is also very photogenic! Hera created her own EEP for the region, but I played around with some of my own for the pictures in this blog.

Golgothica is a cool place, you should go and have a look! And I suggest you don’t wait too long, Hera’s regions usually do not have a long lifespan.

Don’t forget to add you photographs to the Golgothica Flickr group!

GolGothica - I - Blogpost

Links and credits

Slurl to Golgothica
Golgothica Flickr Group

What was I wearing?
[JANGKA] Wolf Hunter Outfit, in black – new at We <3 Roleplay
Bow, arrow and poses by *ED* Lita
Wasabi Pills – Dany hair

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