The wheels of Drune Diesel City

Once again a superb Drune arrived in Second Life! I’ve been a fan of most of the Drune versions, though the real cyberpunk ones where my favorites – the one we filmed in for Stömol for instance.

This time Hera (zee9.resident) gives us Drune – Diesel City, ‘Dieselpunk/Decopunk’ city. According to the explanation given by Hera in the notecard you receive upon arrival, Dieselpunk/Decopunk is what happens when Steampunk ended in the early 1900’s.

Diesel City is set in the imaginary 1920’s – 1940’s and this give the region a nostalgic feel. The 1940’s film noir kind of feel, with Art Deco. But luckily there is also enough Cyperpunk!

Diesel City has lots of cars. And trucks. And motors. And they all look fantastic, even if they are decor only – one can not drive in any of the vehicles.

Drune Diesel City - II

There is, as always in the Drunes, lots to explore and discover. Besides the above-mentioned cars, there are clubs and a brewery and references to superheroes like Batman.

Drune Diesel City - IV

If you want to walk around, or hang with friends, in a supercool place, Drune Diesel City is the place to be. And you may not want to wait too long. The Drunes are more art installations than actual community hubs, and before we know it this Diesel City may be gone and a next Drune may arrive!

Drune Diesel City - III

Have fun!

Slurl to Drune Diesel City

Drune Diesel City - I


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  1. Oneiro says:

    Amazing! love it and will certainly visit! Thank you Caitlin

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