A new building for Dutchie’s Adult Store


The past weeks Froukje has been building something that is not for sale: a new building for the Dutchie Adult Furniture store!

This week the new building replaced the old one and to celebrate there is a gift waiting for you inside!

While I admit to love shopping at events or on the Marketplace – which is a very satisfying way of retail therapy – I also enjoy shopping inworld. Especially when it is for furniture. I love to test out the animations and see how the chair/bed/table etcetera looks inworld. It always makes it easier for me to imagine a potential new purchase in my own home, and also: if the size is what I need.
Yeah, I’ve bought from a picture on a Marketplace shop (one without an inworld shop to go and see the item online) only to find out the bed was clearly made for a giant and not modifiable to my size. And don’t get me started on disappointing animations.

Anyway! The Dutchie Adult Furniture store is a huge building, but it doesn’t give you the feeling you are walking around in a maze. Trust me, I know what it is like to get lost in a main store.

At the entrance, you will find a wall with useful information, such as the store policy, a link to the Dutchie website and the subscriber.

When you go for a walk through the store there is something else to discover, something you will like! On display tables, Dutchie has free gifts for you! Yup: FREE. And to celebrate the new building, you can even take a free copy of said display table (till the end of the month of May).

But that’s not all! One of the boxes on the gift table contains updates for your (already purchased) adult furniture. Updates to make them work perfectly with the new Physics Cock. I would say a must-have if you are a wearer of that attachment, or use your adult furniture with someone who is! And of course, the updates are free!

So, hop over to the Dutchie Adult Furniture store, hit the subscriber while you are there (you will not get spammed, but you will receive newsletters, updates and gifts!) and have a look around!

SLurl to Dutchie Adult Furniture

Dutchie website

Happy shopping!


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