Why you need this dagger and coin!

Last week a tweet from Skell Dagger, the Virtual Bloke, got my attention, he showed a throwable animesh dagger and was instantly intrigued! And yes, I wanted to have this! I mean, why wouldn’t I need an animated dagger to throw and catch all day?!

Because I had some trouble finding the dagger, I IMMed Skell and he was so kind as to take me to the shop on the Somniatorix Arx region of the Fantasy Faire and he even showed me how it looked in the pixel, before I bought it. Thanks again, Skell!

The dagger is made by [mizu], who’s collection in the Fantasy Faire store made me greedy..I wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS! So, I purchased the Holy Assassin Dagger and the Golden Crown coin (and okay, a candle which I will show you another time. Ah and yes, another animesh knife of sorts).

All are animated with precision. The throw and flip movement is superb and equally impressive are the animations of the hands and fingers.
Because they look best when you see it in action, I made two videos to show them off (including a bit of slow motion). To be fair, in a picture it would just be a knife and a coin, nothing to see there!

Needless to say I have, since my purchase, been walking casually around throwing and catching my dagger. And nothing says ‘yes, I am listening to you‘ when a friend is telling you about their day, like flipping a coin in front of their face.

So, why do you need these awesome items? Well, if that is not obvious by now, you clearly are missing the point of shopping and hoarding stuff! Besides that, I believe these are great items for Role Play and machinima.

In case you are interested, both items cost L$ 299 per piece and this is the SLurl to the store at the Fantasy Faire. Both the Dagger and coin are RFL items, so proceeds go to the good cause! To add, the dagger comes in 4 versions: clean, ninja, candy and bloody.
(The Fantasy Faire is open for shopping till sunday 9 may, so you may want to hurry!)

The videos I shot on location at the awesome region Kohl Dracys, also at the Fantasy Faire, a region filled with the most amazing dinosaurs, dragons and other battle beasts which is definitely worth a long visit!

Happy shopping!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Orca Flotta says:

    “The video’s”
    Following that grammar logic you must also write

    “dinosaur’s, dragon’s and other battle beast’s”

    And we don’t want that or do we?

    My work as friendly grammar nazi here is done. ;)

    1. Haha, you are so right! In my defense: ‘video’s’ is Dutch for videos…I know, a weak excuse! It took me years before I stopped typing ‘photo’s’ instead of photos, so maybe one day I’ll learn to write videos too! Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. devawestland says:

    Gah! OMGosh.. I NEEEEEEED this dagger… so much!

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