Visit STÖMOL: The Exhibition at SL18B

How exciting is this! You can now visit STÖMOL, The exhibition on SL18B!
Huck did a great job in putting together a full STÖMOL experience, so come visit us at SLB – Electrify!

What the Huck?

In just over a month it will be a year since the release of my sci-fi machinima, STÖMOL. Since a big part of my motivation for creating the movie was to promote and celebrate Second Life, building an exhibition for SL18B – the celebration of SL’s 18th birthday, which opened today – seemed like an excellent idea to me.

STÖMOL: The Exhibition can be visited here. It’s right in front of the SL18B welcome area. You’ll find information about the locations used in the movie, an exhibition of the trading card art created for the merchandise, and a complete set from the film to explore. Or you can just kick back and watch the movie itself in the mini cinema. Have a hunt around with your cam whilst you’re there: super-sleuths will find a hidden link to some deleted clips from STÖMOL, and there’s even a concealed clue…

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