What a surprise! Today I received a festive email from Second Life, congratulating me with my 14th rezday. Somehow I had totally forgotten about it, but they are right. I am 14 years old today!

Oh the things I’ve seen and one in those years…sigh… And of course I hope to see and do lots more, in the coming 14 years!

As a fun reminder of the amount of time I spent in Second Life, they also included some statistics from the past year, to let me know I teleport insanely often compared to the average resident and i’ve been inworld for 77 days in a row at some point. Good to know, right?

Anyway, this old elf will celebrate her rezday with some knitting and a glass (or bottle) of wine!

Happy Rezday to me, cheers!


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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    It’s weird, eh? As n00bies we didn’t even think to make it for more than a couple days, maybe weeks until the novelty effect wears off and we get bored and leave. And then the real artificial life kicks in and you do all the things and then, before you even notice … b00m! FourFuknTeen!

    Happy Rezday!

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