Two weeks to go until WAARHEID release – key dates.

What the Huck?

The final *final* version has been rendered and I’m currently trudging through the subtitles, line… by… line… Meanwhile, here are some key dates.

Friday 9 December at 10am SLT – LabGab
Cait, AJ and I will be going on a live episode of LabGab to talk with Strawberry about the movie.

Thursday 15 December – Inworld Premiere
Details of this very special event will be revealed in our LabGab episode.

Thursday 15 December (after the premiere) – Afterparty!
Once the inworld premiere is finished, we’ll be heading over to Satyr club for the afterparty! Thanks so much to Ylva and Amelie for making this possible. We’ve rezzed the biggest bespoke set of the movie there for the party. Join us to celebrate!

Friday 16 December at 2pm SLT – YouTube premiere

I’ll be releasing the movie on YouTube using the ‘Premiere’ feature, so there will be a countdown on the YouTube page…

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