Three beautiful winter regions

This is going to be a busy December, with the premiere of Waarheid in less than two weeks! Exciting times though!Did you know Huckleberry, AJ and I will be in the live LabGab talk show with Strawberry Linden next week, to talk about the movie? Huck has all our important dates in his blog!

Anyway, I’ve taken the time to explore some winter regions and wow…they are amazing! It makes me wish for a white Christmas in real life too. Wishful thinking probably, so I will have to do with the gorgeous snowy places in SecondLife. I have been to three regions sofar, on three evenings and I recommend all three of them for you to visit!

I’ll be home for Christmas – by Trouble Dethly

A village with a square surrounded by shops, a ski-slope with ski-lift and rezzable sleighs for some fun. Or crashing in the trees….

From the land information:
“Be sure to explore and shop the Christmas Village with eight holiday stores (Aardvark, Apple Fall, Dahlia, DISORDERLY, Elm, MADRAS, KraftWork & Thor) with a free gift from each designer. Don’t forget to take a stroll on the winter holiday neighborhood with twenty-three uniquely decorated homes. There is a full schedule of events, plus beginning December 10th each home will give out a custom made Christmas cookie and recipe. For rezzing rights, please contact Trouble Dethly”

Flickr Group

Echo Ridge – by Elvira Kytori

A region that takes your breath away! Great for exploring, ice-skating can even rent a cute home, fully furnished. When I checked all homes were rented, but you never know if someone moves out…! A perfect place to spend the holidays, and of course for taking pics! And when you do, make sure to upload your pics to their Flickr Group!

Flickr Group


Winterset Hollow – A Frogmore Christmas Region from Tolla Crisp and Terry Fotherington.

A cute, Swedish-inspired village with lots of snow, lovely streets, houses and…wildlife! Enjoy wandering around!



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