Tufted Velvet – never goes out of style


After summer, it is time to go back inside and make my home ready for autumn and winter. And no, I am not even thinking about decorating for Halloween – nor do I feel the need to use the typical fall colours, yet! Perhaps that changes in a few weeks, but for now I need light and pastel. And lots of textures, cushions, blankets and rugs!

I started with my living room, and am very happy with Dutchie’s new ‘Velvet tSofa’, released earlier this week. As the title of my blog says: tufted velvet never goes out of style!

And good news for who loves a good deal: for a limited time, you can get 20 % back on this new sofa!
How? Simply go to the Dutchie website and find out!

The sofa comes with a colour change option, you can choose between 7 colors for the fabric. I went with a lilac and a blue one, but I think for the holiday season I may change them into red and green. Gotta love a bit of easy decorating, right?!

The blanket and pillows as shown on the pics are from Kraftwork, I always like to mix and match with things from my inventory.

A closer look at the gorgeous velvet fabric and lovely colour!

The sofa comes in 4 versions: adult gay, lesbian and MF versions plus a PG sofa. All have AV-sitter experience enabled for auto attaching of props and all animations have Bento hand poses and animations, exactly how we expect it from Dutchie!
I’ve not been able to find someone to pose with me, I was so busy decorating and finding items – so excuse me for not showing those off!

Dutchie’s Coffee table with floating top

Also new by Dutchie is this coffee table with floating top, a perfect addition to the sofa’s, but I am sure it will look good in many interiors!

I am going to be busy redecorating my other rooms, I might blog about that in a few days.
Stay home, stay safe!

Dutchie Tufted Velvet Sofa
Dutchie Coffee table with floating top
Dutchie Tulips with 6 colour changing
Blankets/throws and pillows on sofa by Kraftwork
Pillow with bird by Apple Fall
Rugs by DRD
Books with feather by Kraftwork
Magazine table by Sway
Roses in vase by Moss&Mink


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