Vanity Poses by Vanity Mirror

One great way to get back on track with my blogging, after being quiet for way too long, is to participate in a blog-challenge. Of course there is always something to blog about, but a blog challenge adds something different, it makes you look for specific topics and can lead you in a surprising direction.

For the holidays I decided to take part in the ‘BVN Blogger & Vlogger Secret Santa Swap‘ and was given a name of a fellow blogger/vlogger to write about. So by way of a holiday gift for Vanity Mirror – Flickr/blogger and owner of Vanity Poses, this blogpost will put Vanity Poses in the spotlight!

I love poses and am always looking for nice ones (there is no such thing as owning too many poses!) so I was quite interested in this (new to me, oops!) pose store! Vanity Poses sells their photography poses in their main-store as well as on Marketplace and the collection is quite large!

Vanity Poses - II

Not only female single poses, but for the men in Second Life there is lots to find too. I specially loved the section with couple poses (but alas, nobody to pose with at the moment of blogging this) and a really fun series of poses for groups and friends.

I bought a chair with poses, the “Drunk in Love” and used it for pictures on my Flickr and in this post. I love it! The poses are adjustable via a menu and with a pose chair like this you can choose for sexy or artistics pictures. I had fun with it, and I am sure I will use this more often in the future.

Vanity Poses - III

If you are looking for nice poses,  be it single, couples (both cute and sexiness), groups or poses with props, you should check out Vanity Poses – I am sure you will find something of your liking!

Happy Holidays!

Vanity Poses - IV

Vanity Poses Mainstore (building under construction, but ignore that when shopping)
Vanity Poses on Marketplace
Vanity Poses on Flickr
Vanity Mirror on Flickr



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