After a bit of a personal computer-drama last Friday (my machine died, something with either the  power unit or the motherboard – it’s been picked up for repair if possible..) I was a bit less enthusiastic to make an extensive blogpost. I did get a new PC (a supersexy powerful ‘Predator’ with shiny orange and blue lights..hehe) but since all my prepared pics and files are on the broken machine….I had to start allover again. Meh!

Anyways, I am over it and used to the new machine (my goodness, I forgot how many updates you get once everything is installed, it seems endless!!), which is faster, better and all that and visited 2 sims on SL9B for the fun and for this blog!

I returned to Birthday Bash to have myself thrown around in Pallina60 Loon’s Virtual Marble Machine! It is a smaller version of the machine she has on her LOL sim, great fun. But it will make you a bit dizzy. Well a lot actually!

The Virtual Marble Machine

Oohhh there I go….

I think I survived…..

After this adventure (really, you should give it a try!) I hopped over to Party 7 and was pleasantly surprised by the build of BioBreeds. I usually don’t particularly like breedables, but this build is very tastefully done – not overly commercial and the few animals that are on display are set up next to some wonderful sculptures! Amazing!


Yesterday, while we were investigating the kidnapping-case in Sanity Falls, we saw a post by Pallina – asking people to come over to SL9B for a video she was shooting and she needed more ‘actors’.

We thought we could leave the case for a bit and hopped over. We had so much fun, while all we had to do was running around…in some sort of silly walk animation. Venus joined in and some other people and after some 30 mins running we were done.

This is the endresult, enjoy! Oh and Pallina, thank you so much for letting us in and run, it was great!

What a day it has been! I may need a vacation after SL9B – I keep running around, not knowing what to see or hear or do first!

To start with the surprise of the day, LL used one of my pics of SL9B in their blog, making me feel all proud and honoured. They picked the Magical Meeroo Cave with shiny things, heh..I guess shiny things work for everyone?

So, what did I do today? I visited two sims, that is about what I can handle to keep things fun.
On Birthday Bash I ended up in an installation of the Noiser Community. They have a build with insects and well…some odd things happened….

– bugs!

After all th bug-stress I flew to Nine, where I found a wonderful lush forest, called: The Forest. Just what I needed to relax a bit and get myself together for some partying I had in mind.

Refreshed and all fit again, I did the small hunt for the 10 Cake-Hats, created by Misaki Slade (who also created the huge Cake Stage) and went dancing on Partytime, where I spotted Argus being all gorgeous!

I gots a Cake on my head!

Argus Collingwood

Last night I explored the sims Party and Tisa, homes to even more amazing buildings! It is seriously a lot of work to go and see everything and to decide what to blog about, I wish I could cover everything!!

On Party I got drawn to a rather sweet build by Fairyzette Sahara, I just love the expression on these adorable faces and the overall colours and set-up!


On Tisa I found a parcel called ‘Geisha’s Dream’, a serene little Japanese garden, tucked away in between huge and colourful buildings. Wonderful and reminded me of my good old katana days..:)

Since I have been happily snapping away with my camera, I am struggling what to do with all the nice images….So here two random pics I took, just because I like them!

on Jamboree

The hot desert of Shindig

Today I was being followed by rolling restarts..making me hop from sim to sim on SL9B!

On Kyuu I had my entertainment in an Art Installation by Ub Yifu,’Clouds Gate’ a tribute to Tim Burton. Nicely made and with poseballs/animations and yeah….I can never resist trying those out!


I float, they just stare….

After this floating and bowing..I was a bit hungry, but what a coincidence…I ran into Aphrodites Pizzeria on Fun! The service was a bit dissapointing as I was expected to make my own pizza…

Ah, a Pizzeria!

I want mine with some prosciutto…

Hope I don’t break a mesh-nail!

Getting the hang of this!

Now I need a large red wine……:)

Oh my..there is just so much to see and explore on the SL9B sims, I feel I am running out of time already and it’s only 2 days now!

Today I visited two sims, Neun and Negen. Embarrassing moment, after hanging around there and taking pics – meaning writing the sim names in every pic and in my folders, I only realised many hours later that Neun and Negen = nine and nine in German (Neun) and Dutch (negen)… in 9th Birthday? Argh!

Alors (that’s French, to keep it all a bit European), it is not easy to pick buildings and exhibits to feature on my blog.  I love the huge mainstages and the builds of the more wellknown artists and creators, but also enjoy the ‘unknown’ ones (well at least unknown to me).

I really loved the Magical Meeroo Cave (no meeroo’s though – but shiny things!!), I enjoyed the little park with fountain by Black Rose – as an oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of the flamboyant builds and had my moment of easy entertainment on a dancepad  in the little stand of Lollybaggers. Fun fun fun! All of it!

Black Rose – on Negen

Black Rose – on Negen

Lollygaggers – on Neun

Entrance of Magical Meeroo Cave – on Neun

Shiny things in the Magical Meeroo Cave – on Neun


DJ Venus on stage – Ambrosia

The SL9B sims (finally!) opened their doors for everybody last night! This was also the start for lots of other opening events allover the grid. I spent my evening in Ambrosia, where DJ Venus had the honour to play her awesome set in a grand opening-party. Phil, the club-owner, showed pictures from past times on a big screen behind Venus and Danika sponsored the event by giving away gifts every 5 minutes. At some point there were 101 Avatars on the sim, amazingly I did not even crash – although things got a bit slow here and there. Wonderful evening, great party: thanks Venus, Phil, the Ambrosia dancers and everybody that came over for a super night!

For more events during SL9B in Ambrosia: Destination Guide, Ambrosia website or Ambrosia on facebook!

Earlier I visited the Celebrate and Jamboree sims, enjoying the builds and exhibitions.
On Celebrate you will find, amongst many other wonderful creations, the building of Berlin 1920 Project. A true ‘community’ theme, as the Berlin 1920’s sim is a representation of a community living in 1920’s. When you are visiting the sim, you are requested to dress appropriately according to the era. On SL9B however, you can get a taste of Berlin 1920, as they have created a mini-version with a cafe, a house and a square, and of course lots of information!

Berlin 1920 Project

Berlin 1920 Project

Then I wandered back to Jamboree, I was there before but had not seen it all (it is so much!) and enjoyed the colourful art installation of UWA.

UWA – on Jamboree