SL9B – Party7 & more Birthday Bash!

After a bit of a personal computer-drama last Friday (my machine died, something with either the  power unit or the motherboard – it’s been picked up for repair if possible..) I was a bit less enthusiastic to make an extensive blogpost. I did get a new PC (a supersexy powerful ‘Predator’ with shiny orange and blue lights..hehe) but since all my prepared pics and files are on the broken machine….I had to start allover again. Meh!

Anyways, I am over it and used to the new machine (my goodness, I forgot how many updates you get once everything is installed, it seems endless!!), which is faster, better and all that and visited 2 sims on SL9B for the fun and for this blog!

I returned to Birthday Bash to have myself thrown around in Pallina60 Loon’s Virtual Marble Machine! It is a smaller version of the machine she has on her LOL sim, great fun. But it will make you a bit dizzy. Well a lot actually!

The Virtual Marble Machine
Oohhh there I go….
I think I survived…..

After this adventure (really, you should give it a try!) I hopped over to Party 7 and was pleasantly surprised by the build of BioBreeds. I usually don’t particularly like breedables, but this build is very tastefully done – not overly commercial and the few animals that are on display are set up next to some wonderful sculptures! Amazing!


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