SL9B – Press Preview Day

Last night the SL9B opened for the bloggers/press, giving us the opportunity to explore and take pics before the crowds come in, something I really appreciate. Unfortunately I did not have the time last night, but today I took some hours off work and hurried over to have a look around!

I went to see the Lotus Stage, on Iwa, which is quite impressive!

The Lotus Stage

On Jamboree I spent some time fooling around in an exhibition called ‘The Painting and Poses Project’ by Winter Nightfire. It’s an interactive build, you are invited to use one of the poses available and take a snapshot. Then send that full perms to Winter Nightfire who will pin it on the windmill! Ha, needless to say I could not resist a pose-opportunity and I also sent my pic for pinning on the windmill!

The Painting and Poses Project – by Winter Nightfire
Posing for the windmill!

After that I walked around on Devet, filled with colourful builds, too much to photograph – so I picked two!

SL9B will open tonight at 11AM SLT and will run through 24th June!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Venus says:

    Great peek, Caity! I cannot wait to go seeeee! :)

    1. It is…a lot!! Oh and I had to edit my post, apparently I was misinformed about the opening time (or did not read well), it opens tonight/today at 11AM SLT.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great I have some walking around to do, looks fantastic.

  3. Pep says:

    Did you derender your bicycle for the Windmill pose? Pep (is astonished your hat stayed on!)

    1. Heh Pep, no this is my daily routine to keep fit…no need for a bicycle! And the hat is actually a magic on, it keeps me in balance :p

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